1 - What We Are Doing This Week

Your tongue is a huge character in the story of your voice. Keeping the tongue free of tension and forward in the mouth impact on both the sound of your voice the feeling of ease for you when you sing. This tongue work will also help you sing high notes.



2 Here's How

In this section, I'll talk you through this lesson's exercises in detail, so you can understand what you are doing and why. When you've worked through this section, go to section 3 which has the same exercises but without the explanations,  so you can get on with your daily practice without listening to me yibber yabber.

Tongue yoga and faux Dutch consonants

To be honest with you - the exercises for tongue week are a little  eccentric. Here are some limbering up exercises to reduce tension in your tongue.


Do you have a nervous tongue?

Time to see what your tongue gets up to when you sing sweetpeas. Record yourself so you can see whether your tongue gets shy!


For shy tongues

Sweethearts, I bet you never thought the tongue was so important to singing! Some ideas to keep it long and lovely.

3 Your Daily Practice

Nothing like repetition to make things stick. For your daily practice - here are short versions of this lesson's exercises without the explanations. Pick your favourite posture/s and shoulder exercises for your daily practice routine.



4 The Song

Songkeeper features the fabulous NG consonant - for putting your tongue in a great position. Sing all the consonants enthusiastically and feel your tongue release forward from each consonant into each vowel.

songkeeper PDF

songkeeper PDF