1 - What We Are Doing This Week

By now I'm sure you've realised how fundamental letting go of tension is, to how you feel and sound. This week we are travelling around our bodies focusing on places people commonly hold tension, so we can find and release any. Some of these ideas will be revision, some will be new.



2 Here's How

In this section, I'll talk you through this lesson's exercises in detail, so you can understand what you are doing and why. When you've worked through this section, go to section 3 which has the same exercises but without the explanations,  so you can get on with your daily practice without listening to me yibber yabber.L

Now possums, find a mirror or a webcam for these ones.


3 Your Daily Practice

Nothing like repetition to make things stick. For your daily practice - here are short versions of this lesson's exercises without the explanations. Pick your favourite posture/s and shoulder exercises for your daily practice routine.

Train's off the track

Sing this and focus on letting go - firstly with your belly wiggles then with suspended breath, and thirdly for singing after you've started exhaling.

Finally! The answer...

is blowin in the wind!


4 The Song

Sweethearts, this song has beautiful open vowels and beautiful gentle consonants. Really enjoy letting go of any tension with this song. Imagine you are half sighing through the whole song. You might like to sing it lying on the floor!

nightfire PDF

nightfire PDF