All the Song A Week arrangements are free and available for you to download here.. Below are teaching resources I have for sale.

Books for teaching young singers

When I started teaching voice I worked in primary schools and noticed there were great tutor books for teachers to use for most instruments - except voice! So I created two singing tutor books for teachers to use with upper primary students, covering the students' first year of lessons. "How to Sing" focuses on foundation skills in singing technique and "Read and Sing" is a sightreading and theory book designed especially for singing students. Both are informative, humorous, playful and technically sound. Useful for studio teachers, choir directors and classroom teachers who want to set up a lifetime of healthy, joyous singing for their young students.

How To Sing 

Read And Sing 

Online singing course for adults

I've met many adults who wished they could sing better - many who want to sing and never have - or many who sing but would like to feel more confident with their voice. For various reasons, singing lessons aren't convenient or comfortable for everyone, so I developed an online singing course where adults can learn and develop their singing at home, in their own time. If you have a group or choir who would like to undertake the course together, contact me to organise a group discount. 

Sing Well