Michael Row That Boat Ashore - The Third And Final Variation

Complexity Level: medium challenge for a community choir

Parts: SATB and soprano solo

Genre: spiritual - verse and refrain

Deets: D Minor  4/4

Sweethearts here's the last Michael. This is written for adult choir. It's a worked into extension of the original quickneasy version. There is more movement and independence in the parts, with a bit more going in the harmony and structure of the piece. It's perfectly doable if you're in a community choir that doesn't read, but it will take a little time to learn. My lovely community choir did this version last year and rocked it!

I blew the light in my study so for the last two hours I've been sitting in the dark revising the sheet music. If this version feels a bit dark that may be why!

Next week it will be time to start on something away from gospel. Carol season is nearly upon us. I'll have a rummage around for a few of my favourite arrangements of Christmas songs. I have some that are a bit different - for the sake of your singers and their audiences who I think all deserve some NEW Christmas music.