Prayer For Sanctuary comes to life

Sweethearts a few posts back I put up my setting of Psalm 23, with a dreadful MIDI file and the promise that sometime soon I would grab some people and record it.

Well on Sunday we did it! A group of friends sang it. And the wonderful crew of Hitchhikers Video Productions recorded it for us. 

Of course after I heard it sung, I made a few minor changes to the sheet music, but you'll get the idea. Find the sheet music here.

The singers

Wendy Stanton

Carolyn Wilkins

Claire Langsford

Ian Hurrell

Hew Wagner

Fergus O'Regan

Emlyn O'Regan

Alison McAllister

Jodie O'Regan


with grateful thanks to

the singers, 

Peter Day and Ray Thomas, 

St Mary Magdalene's Church - Adelaide

Christ Chuch Wayville