Now What?

This song isn't finished, I've only written the chorus and now I don't know what to do. Not because I've been deserted by the muse - she's stuck around and has plenty of ideas.

No, the problem is I'm not gay and I didn't win a song competition. 

to explain...

This song is about marriage equality. I wrote it for a song competition for a pride choir.  It's in the first person - if the song had won, the singers in that choir would have given voice to it. Folks who are living the experience. The words are:

One day I'll say the word "forever". One day I'll say "for worse or for better"
But for now will you stand, will you stand, will you stand?
One day our promises whispered at midnight will roar from the rooftops and shine in the sunlight.
I know how, when you stand, when you stand, when you stand with me.

But it didn't win. And now it's weird because I'm very not gay. 

Maybe it's not OK for me to have written these words - it's not my story to tell. But it's done now, and if it helps - offered in a spirit of solidarity. I passionately believe denying sanction, legitimacy, acknowledgement and celebration to some people's marriages is cruel and stupid. But I certainly feel that it's not my song to sing. (I've been trying to imagine a similarish scenario - I wouldn't appreciate a song about the challenges of being a woman written and sung by a man.) 

So this song is just sitting here - unfinished and unsung.

If you have a choir who would like to do it - let me know. I'll finish it for you! Otherwise it will stay in this incomplete and uncertain state.

Here's the MIDI to give you an idea of the sound so far. You'll hear this is the first song I've shared on the blog with a piano accompaniment.