I Sing - a beautiful song by Andy Armstrong

Complexity Level: fairly simple

Parts: SATBB

Genre: modern song in a folky style

Deets: Dmajor, 4/4

I first heard Andy singing this in his duo "Andy and Marta" with the gorgeous Marta Bayly. I cried. Andy knows how to write - the words are so simple but strongly evocative. This song is sweet without being saccharine, self aware without being pretentious and accessible without being clichéd. 

"I Sing" describes why we sing. What foolish people we all are, with our flaws and foibles, but  there's always a song to sing. Because it so beautifully articulates singing, I feel like singers will love this song. I was really keen to arrange this not only for my own choir, but also to share with other choirs. Andy kindly gave me permission to make a choral arrangement under my normal licence. (Free to share, photocopy, perform and record.)

Because it's a simple, heartfelt song written in the folk style (like all the best songs) I've kept the arrangement simple. I haven't written interpretation markings on the music. If I could offer one suggestion it would be - sing it simply and honestly. 

If your choir loves it, would you do me a favour and thank Andy for not only penning this song, but also graciously donating this arrangement to the choral world.

My choir is performing this at a concert on the 23rd of August, so I'll make a recording of that to share here.

I Sing

When it's late I watch the moon.

When I'm down I'll be much better soon.

When it's time to leave I go.

When you stop loving me I hope I know.

When I'm losing I still try.

When I'm broken I can cry.

But when I can't do one right thing, 

I sing.

When it's dark still some light gets in.

When the flood comes, I'll learn to swim.

When the piper plays he calls the tune.

When you're hooked at least you choose the spoon.

And though the clouds are grey and cold,

See the edges are lined with gold.

But when I can't do one right thing,

But when I can't do one right thing,

When I can't do one right thing,

I sing.

Yes when I can't do one right thing,

I sing.