Advance Australia Fair - SSAA

Complexity Level: fairly simple

Parts: SSAA

Genre: Ceremonial Songs - The Australian National Anthem

Deets: A major 4/4

Possums, I think there will be two blog entries this week. Tomorrow I will publish the second in the series of vocal pedagogy songs, but today I wanted to acknowledge the lovely Queensland Kodaly folk who have been subscribing this week. A heartfelt so-me-so-do’ welcome to you all, and thank you to Sue Beech for sharing this blog on facebook.

With all these lovely teachers subscribing I thought I'd share a song that might come in handy for school choirs: a treble arrangement of Advance Australia Fair.

I initially arranged this for a rather delightful, newish Adelaide women’s barbershop choir, High Spirits Harmony. Their director, Matthew Lykos wanted the arrangement to be easy for singers to learn and remember, so they could dust it off quickly whenever needed. Matthew also wanted the harmony and melody to stay true to the original, so audiences could sing along without anyone (choristers or audiences) being alarmed! Here’s a recording of their version:

Matthew made a few alterations for their version, and I’ve made few minor tweaks since then to my version, but this will still give you a good indication of the arrangement.

The copyright for Advance Australia Fair is a little interesting. It seems that although the song Advance Australia Fair has long since slipped into the public domain, the Commonwealth of Australia retains copyright of the National Anthem. Well that’s slightly confusing but the important thing for our purposes is the Commonwealth has given permission for general non-commercial use of the song. 

Sweetpeas - if your choir sings any of the songs on this blog, please consider sending me a recording, so I can publish it here, for everyone to share.