All The Same - Kerry O'Regan

Complexity Level: simple

Parts: SATB - optional solo

Genre: a peace song

Deets: D major 4/4

A few years ago, my mother surprised herself by writing her very first song.  She explains how it happened.

I asked if she would mind if I arranged it for choir, and thankfully she was keen. If you sing it, you'll be in good company. It's been sung on five continents, in five different languages and has been taken up by the permaculture community.

The charm of this song is its simplicity. Kerry said it was conceived as a children's song, but I've yet to meet an adult who hasn't loved it! When I arranged it, I wanted to keep that sense of innocence and simplicity. 

Here is my gorgeous community choir, Voices in the Wilderness. In real life they are well defined people, this is how they look, from my phone. If you sing a song from this blog, why not make a recording on your phone and send it in. I'll share it here. You'll see that we have used Kerry as a soloist at the beginning and end and you are welcome to do something similar. I was playing piano by improvising on the chords. The song would suit guitar accompaniment too, or would be perfectly lovely with just voices. 

All The Same

I sit on the hill and I look at the sea.
The sea is the sea and I am me.
But I am the sea, and the sea is me.
Not other but together, we are one.

I sit on the hill and I look at the trees...

I sit on the hill and I look at the clouds...

I sit on the hill and I look at the birds...

We think that we are different, we have a different name.
But sea, trees, birds, clouds and me are all the same.

I sit on the hill and I look at it all...