This Train

Complexity Level: middle - a good challenge for an unauditioned choir. 

Parts: SATB with divisi in every part and short solo at the beginning.

Genre: American Gospel

Deets: Dmajor (with modulation), 4/4


This week's song is an American gospel song. I initially arranged it for my lovely community choir Voices in the WIlderness. It took a bit of work but we got it ringing, and sang it at the 2014 Wirrina Cove Bluegrass Festival. It went off! This Train is a good, doable challenge for a community choir and a joy for audiences. The recording I've got for you has five singers - not every part is sung - but it will give you an idea of the sound. We were experimenting with the interpretation - the tempo changes and so on - while we were recording it, and I've put these into the sheet music. enjoy! 

While we were at it, this group also recorded last week's song: I Sing. After listening to the recording today, I've gone back and made a few changes to the sheet music. This means, if you downloaded last week's PDF before today - 9 August 2015, there's now a better version for you to download