Sing Well Songs - The Final Three

This is the final post sharing vocal pedagogy songs, composed as simple, beautiful songs to help singers establish and practise various aspects of vocal technique. I set out to create songs that were genuinely a joy to sing as well as useful vocal exercises. The other songs are here and here.

9. Your Name

I've used lots of N's in this song for you. When you say 'N' with joy, the sensation of where you feel your voice sits is into your face. It feels energised and alive. As you sing the song and move from N to the vowels, keep this sensation the same. 

10.  Brass Buttons

This song is for high notes. Some singers find high notes come easy. Some singers need a way to find them. You are probably aware that your voice has a low gear and a high gear and the way to your top notes is through your high gear - this song is for singing in this gear. One way to get the feeling of this aspect of your voice is to make high pitched sci-fi gun noises "peeow peeow". SIng this song through with those sound effects noises instead of the words. Some singers find puffing their cheeks out for the "p" is helpful. This song stays really comfortable - the good news is I have a low voice - so I couldn't sing really high even if I wanted to!

11. Dusty Ride

Beautiful singing is about singing phrases rather than notes - imagine how a cellist has one bow movement through a phrase and the sound is smooth and beautiful. Singers don't use a bow - we use our vowels. Sing this song with a sense of singing on the vowels, and a sense of connecting the notes together in a phrase. You can try taking the consonants out and singing with only the vowels.