Rolling Downwards

Key: A major

Parts: SSA - you could put it up for a treble choir, or drop it lower for an adult choir.

Time Signature: 12/8

Style: Baptist Gospel Hymn

Challenge Level: moderately easy

I've picked this song in case you're looking for some Christmas music that is catchy and appealing but something fresh and different from the standard carols. Also whilst this tune features Angels it might feel like a less God focused Christmas song than some - I know not everyone enjoys singing heavily religious music during the entire Christmas season. If you've got basses who don't want to miss out - the original SATB hymn is here

I love this tune.  Because it feels like exactly what it is - an American Baptist Hymn. I've set it with the harmony singing style used in Americana music - the style you'd find in the movie O Brother Where Art Thou.

Enjoy! And please remember, if you sing it, record it - phone quality is fine - and send it to me, I'll put it up here.

Now - I've got to share some stuff that's been going on for me. Stuff I've been avoiding talking about on this blog for a while. I've got some vocal damage. I'm on strict vocal rest, awaiting surgery. Yes - it's a total bummer. I've had to stop singing and teaching. I'm sure you can understand what this has entailed - emotionally, logistically etc.

When I was diagnosed I sat down and wrote a to-do list. One of the items on my list was find a new way to earn an income. Which got me thinking about publishing collections of these songs and other pedagogical material I've written, for sale. So - I guess the reason I'm sharing this is to ask what books or other materials would you like from me? What sort of collections? Would you like a book of super simple starter songs? Would you like a teaching book on arranging for community choir? Let me know eh? One of the things about this sudden, unplanned change in my life is that I'm not on my expected path - and can be open to new ideas!