Key: D minor (and friends)

Time Signature: 4/4

Parts: SSAA with divisi

Complexity Level: robust but not insane

Many of the songs I share here are old arrangements. Each week I go hunting through my old music, find a song that appeals to me and then brush it up a bit. Sometimes I'm amazed at the process of brushing up - how much more I've learnt about arranging since whenever I first wrote the piece.

Well this one has been many hours of work - I was planning to put it up yesterday but at 1am it still had much work to do. So here it is, late but hopefully worth the wait. Here's an mp3 of the nasty MIDI I have on my little laptop. If this upsets your ears - record your choir and send it in, and then I will delete this!


You'll see it's polyphonic and divisi and will appeal to more robust community choirs. This arrangement started its life about ten years ago, when I was directing a women's gospel group called SASSY. One of the singers talked to me about how the words are Come By Here. The song is calling out for help, love, nurturance, guidance. This thought has influenced my arrangement - I have tried to write in the sense of pain and hope when you call out for help. You'd only call if you thought there was a chance you'd be heard - so there's hope.

To other news - I had an absolute treat this week when music director Jane Hawkins, of A-Choired Taste -The Scenic Rim Community Choir, sent me a recording of Still Still Still. This is a MP3 recorded on a phone at a rehearsal. Fantastic!