Alle Psallite

Key: C minor (Dorian)

Time Sig: 6/8

Parts: 2 parts - doubling 5ths

Complexity: super simple

This week a treat for you - the first of two posts on this rockin song from the 13th century. It's not my arrangement but I'm sharing it cause it's so earthy, different, very quick to learn. and would slip well into Christmas repertoire.

These week's parts can be taught in about 15 minutes. You'll notice it's organum so the quickest way I've found to teach it is to teach everyone the bass line. And when that's secure - give the tenors and sopranos the high line. It's a really quick and exciting song to get together, and if you are introducing part singing - it's an opportunity for your singers to work on the 'lock' of parallel fifths.

The only challenge I have found is keeping the choristers singing the "ya" in tune at the end of each phrase. 

have fun with this one!