Break, Break, Break

Thank you so much to Benita who took my last song to her choir and gave me such useful feedback.

This is the second song in the sightsinging series - where I'm creating resources for choirs to learn to sightsing. You are welcome to it as per normal for your choir to sing as you wish. I have also written it as a piece for a choir learning sightsinging to apply their knowledge of d,r,m to read the tune. 

If you sing it with your choir and would like to let me know how you went - I would appreciate the feedback immensely. For pedagogical songs, I want to build the choristers' confidence and sense of mastery so each line needs to feel natural to sing, and fit together well. It's got to be easier to sing this right than wrong if that makes sense. If they stumble on anything, please let me know so I can make it more intuitive.