Alle Psallite - top lines

Key: C minor (Dorian)

Time Sig: 6/8

Parts: 2 parts, high

Complexity: medium

This is the second post on Alle Psallite. In the first post I shared the bass and organum lines - which are very manageable and by themselves form a catchy piece for a new choir.

This week I'm sharing some trickier lines. They might suit soloists or small groups if your choir has some more confident singers. I would give these lines to sopranos and high tenors - these lines sit quite high for community altos - in my experience the altos are happier doubling the bass line - which is a really great effect. 

You'll notice that within each section (except the final E section), the two tunes share the same music. The top line sings one melody, and the second line sings a second melody and then they swap. Each section is like its own little two part canon. 

I found this version on youtube and the singers here are so crisp - they really bring out the two top melodies beautifully.