Lorem Ipsum

Lorem Ipsum by NeoSH

Lorem Ipsum by NeoSH

Key: D minor
Time Signature: 2/2
Challenge Level: moderately easy

When our children were younger and less able to defend themselves against our crazy ideas we used to take them with us on the annual Adelaide Zombie Walk. I love the zombie walk. Thousands of people in zombie costume gather, moaning and carrying on, walk for several kilometres through the middle of Adelaide city, arrive at the destination and then disperse.

Any costume/character can be zombified, I've seen bride zombies, a marching band, an elvis, teletubby zombies. Some of the costumes are incredible. A few years back we decided to make a zombie choir, and during the walk sang zombie songs. The text of one of our songs was "brains, brains, brains, brains aaaaaggggghh".

For reasons I can't recall, I thought it would make sense for my zombie choir to sing a setting of the text Lorem Ipsum. These ancient latin words have been used by designers for centuries, and are used extensively by webdesigners today, as dummy text. That is, they put these latin words in to a webdesign to show where text will go. The meaning is something like - no one seeks out pain for its own sake, but sometimes we endure pain as a means to a pleasurable end. Is that how zombies feel? Is that how webdesigners feel? As I said, I've no idea why I thought this text would suit zombies. But there it is. It went wonderfully.

And here it is. Enjoy!

A special shout out to Laura who inspired me to share this.