Il Festino - more

I ended up with five songs in last week's post: Songs 1, 6, 11, 12 and 17. My choir has been rehearsing for 2 weeks now and we're doing great - this work is so musical and fun. Sometimes great music is hard and sometimes great music sings itself. This stuff sings itself, with a little nudging. Although the cat's and the cuckoos in number 12 are presumably written to represent drunkards because they are hilariously odd. 

If you visited the last post, when I first posted it ,you might want to have another look, there are a few changes. I redid some of number 11, changed a word in number 12. To be honest, I'm not terribly happy with my text in 1 and 17. The more I have got to know this piece the more I have realised the tight rhyming is an essential part of the cheeky character so I would like to redo these at some stage. This week I invested time bringing in that element.

20. Farewell and Welcome

This week I thought I'd better do the final song - always good to have that well rehearsed and made the pleasant discovery that the notes are the same as song 1. So I wont redo the rehearsal tracks here - they are in last week's post. 

15. Spindle Sellers Madrigal

These spindle sellers sing the loveliest song. This seems like the least playful most heartfelt piece so far. Also the most complex so far, so a good one to get on with early in the rehearsal schedule. The cpdl file I'm working from had this in A minor but saints preserve us that was high for most parts so I just put it down a tone. In the work the piece before this is in G and the piece after this in F, so I think it will be fine in the work. You'll notice the words 'desire' and 'fire' are set with the 'ire' designed to cover two notes ie 'de-zigh-ha' and 'figh-ya'.