Love !

This next instalment of Banchieri comprises two songs about love. Firstly song #4 - where the peasant girls sing about how they believe in love.  In contrast song #8 is a tale of woe and faithless love.

For our choir, these two songs are being presented by one voice per part ensembles. One of the ensembles has four singers, so song #4 has been reduced to SATB, from the original 5 parts. 

4. After The Masquerade

8. The Sad Madrigal Of The Lovers

9. The Lovers' Farewell

These lovers are such a sooky pair! This seems to offer the only solos in the work. The vocal lines are more sophisticated /embellished than in the other sections, so if you are a community choir, you may prefer not to do this one. I have collapsed the four part accompaniment into a keyboard reduction.