Second Last Banchieri Post

Seventeen down, three to go! Hooray and Hooray. I'm looking forward to finishing I must say.  But the more my lovely community choir has sung this work, the more struck I have been by the greatness of the music. IT'S JUST A BLOODY GREAT CHOIR WORK. And manageable by any normal, robust community choir. I'm interested in the fact this work doesn't seem to be in the community choir music canon. It should be. It's entertaining, it's great to sing. it will be fun to be in the audience for, and you can add as much theatricality as your choir wishes - absolutely none would be perfectly fine! I've been wondering about how to best publish this work for choirs to share. I could make it into a book. I could record some bright young singers to make quality backing tracks - it's always nice to have a human voice to sing along with. hmmm. Might need a pozible campaign for that one. 

Anyways - one thing at a time. We need to put it on first and make sure it is as good as I think it is. 


14. The Swindling Spindle Sellers

16, The Fountain And The Count

What a piece this one is! You'll hear in the backing tracks how naughty the men are - when they present the actual tongue twister they sing it as fast as they possibly can.