The Last Banchieri For A While

We're starting on our costumes.

Mine is assembled from a sheet, a pillow case, a man's business shirt and a woman's business shirt.

The craftspersonship of my sewing is atrocious! What you might kindly call costume level.

OTOH the ensemble cost me $10 and took an hour to make.

The most befitting thing happened to me last night. Amidst a wild storm and a power blackout to the entire state of South Australia, I finished setting the last of the twenty songs. Each one has been hours of work, and a really fascinating poetry puzzle - finding words that evoke a certain sound and feeling, and fit into the prosodic text setting and rhyming pattern of the original. Quite a brain teaser! Finally, last night I finished. hooray. And went on facebook to share my news. My beloved conducting lecturer from uni days popped up to say -

"You know I have an English setting at home I could have given you."


I don't know what lesson to take from this other than the universe has a wicked sense of humour so try to stay on its good side.

These are the last three songs of the 20. My next job - after a well earned week off - will be to make some lead sheets for musos, and to do a revise everything so far. I've got better at doing as I've gone along, so I may reconsider my first few attempts.

13. A Rather Lovely Madrigal

In my youth there was a song night clubs played with the lyrics
"boom boom boom - let's go back to my room - so we can do it all night - and you can make me feel right."

Piece number 13 is on a similar theme but unlike the boom boom boom song,  the poetry is sublime.  

Rehearsal Tracks

18. Drinking And Thinking

I love the way the singing stops to applaud each part's drinking. Brilliant. This is one we are doing with four singers, so I've reduced the original 5 lines to SATB.

Rehearsal Tracks

5. Madrigal To A Nightingale

One of my choristers said to me - this work is so varied. There are drinking songs, and dance songs, and nonsense songs about animals and then the most sublime love songs. I think this one will be one of those - just sublime.  This is another piece I reduced to SATB.

Rehearsal Tracks