A little tune up round for the new year!

Key: D major here, but start it where you like. 

Time Sig: 4/4

Parts: Round in up to 4 voices

Complexity: super simple. But as a tune up exercise, it's a good challenge.

Happy new year!!! I hope you have enjoyed/are enjoying a well deserved rest from teaching and singing and are feeling renewed and refreshed. Choir people work hard!

I am heading into vocal surgery on the 17th of January so I've taken all of term 1 off teaching. This is my first term without a choir to teach since 2003 and it's an odd feeling. I've got lots of writing and composing work to do instead - so I aim to keep you very busy!!!

I thought I'd start the year for you with this seemingly simple tune up round. It can be done in four voices - with entries spaced by one bar. This seemingly simple tune up round is useful for both horizontal and vertical tuning. (ie singers listening to their own tuning and singers locking into the choir's chord.) You'll see it's simply I V I V so the chord structure couldn't be more intuitive to tune into.

Rather than trying to explain in words how to use this to tune your choir up, I've made a video. As I'm on vocal rest, I've roped in my darling husband and darling daughter. Aren't they gorgeous!!! You'll hear in an effort to be vigilantly not flat there is a slight sharpness at times. As you know, this is very unlikely to be a problem in an unauditioned community choir! And I'm sorry I'm talking so quietly - following the ENT's instructions. Hopefully I'll be allowed to get louder as the year progresses!