Nativity Part Four and Songs For Our Weddings Recording

CHECK OUT THE SCRATCH CHOIR - Current working title Corinthian Singers who performed and raised money last weekend in Brisbane for their brilliantly themed concert songs for our weddings. In the promo, they said "from Byrd to Beach Boys and Everything In Between" and I'm thrilled to say one of the in betweens was my When You Stand With Me. Which they not only did wonderfully but did acappella! 

Blake Anderson Photographer

Blake Anderson Photographer

Thank you David for sharing that wonderful recording with me. 

Sheet Music here.

Now to this week's installment of the nativity. This section is 83 bars or there aabouts, and there are 100 bars to go. So maybe two more parts will do it. Because it's the end of October and I want to get this out to you, I'm embracing the 80/20 rule of near enuff. There's nothing like it being nearly 1am to get a healthy attitude of "that will do" eh?

A chance for a soloist here. It's not particularly high, so anyone angelic could do it.