Nativity - the final instalment

We are underway at Voices In The Wilderness, my community choir, with the nativity. I was worried it was cheesy but once real voices sing it, it's actually just lovely. I think I've left the best for last! When I played it to Emlyn last night, even with sibelius doot doots instead of humans singing, he cried. In the right way. 

This is part five. the previous parts are here: part four, part three, part two, part one.

I'll aim to put it together and publish it as one piece after I've test run it with my lovely choristers, and made any adjustments. I would like to put a little time into the piano in a few places too.

This one looks like there are lots of parts.  But it's not as alarming as it looks. The soprano and alto parts only split for the last few bars of the piece. The bass 1 and 2s separate during the section where the kings are singing, and then are together until the last few notes, where if you are a lucky choir you'll have someone with a bottom C.

Since the sopranos and altos don't sing in the first section, their rehearsal tracks begin at bar 40.