I Sing - SSAA

Key : D Major

Time Sig: 4/4

Parts: SSAA

Complexity: medium

I've had several emails pop up this week.  Rose asked if I'd mind arranging the beautiful song, I Sing, by Andy Armstrong for women's choir. No I do not mind. It was a pleasure to revisit this exquisite song. So here it is! Please let me know how you get on with it Rose - and if you send in a recording I'll share it here! 

And although this song is in copyright, Andy kindly gave me permission to arrange and release with a very liberal license for community choirs (see the sheet music for details).

Here's a treat for your ears. Andy singing with his duo buddy Marta - performing this live. See how simple, honest and heart felt it is. Aren't they amazing? I hope they don't mind if I put in a plug for their CDs here. My arrangement is a bit more choral. If you record it, we can find out what Andy thinks. haha.


I had another email from Kass, who has written some lyrics to go with the little warm up round. Awesome!

I must sing this little song, My
Voice has been on ho-li-da-ay
When my voice get used to it then
I’ll be on my sing-ing wa-ay
Just a drop and then we soar in
One full octave, no de-la-ay
Tripping notes and tra-la-lah-ing
See the semibreve and sta-a – ay---.

Have a good week sweethearts.x