Train's Off The Track


Key: Dminor (or whatever)

Time Sig: 4/4

Complexity: super simple. It's a one minute teaching song we use for audience joining in during live performances.

Parts: lead, three harmonies, optional improv bass man if you have one at hand. 

Emlyn and I like to have a few songs that we can throw at any group and whip in to three parts during a concert or at a ffolk festival choir workshop or in a supermarket queue. you know.

I wanted to share one with you. You'll see I've written it very straight to keep it super simple to read, but go ahead and loosen it up!

On this recording the third and fourth verses are lifted from another song, and I'm not totally confident they are public domain, so in the pdf there are different (original and public domain) lyrics. (It's important to me that the songs here are copyright free.) Hmm. Since this recording I've realised it felt better for everyone singing along if we added a repeat - which is in the pdf but not in this recording. I also haven't written out what Emlyn does - saints preserve us, he does something different every time we sing it so it would be impossible. hahaha.

I recommend a shaky egg or similar. This is just good fun. I hope you enjoy it.