Find My Way

This week a simple song. Just one melody and guitar chords. Next week I'll set it for choir, as part of the sightreading materials I'm developing. You'll notice it's d,r,m and s. And introduces tikatikas (semiquavers for the fancy folks).

This song started its life with the words "even in the dark I can still find my way". I thought the rhythm of "even in the" naturally fell into semiquavers. These words rolled around the floor of my mind for some weeks. I was concerned by them - they could easily widen out into a song that was saccharine and faux-uplifting. You know the sort? Bluck!

So I asked my mum, who in the last year published her first (non saccharine) poetry anthology and survived breast cancer, for her reflections on her midnight path. 

I used her words as the basis for this song, dedicated to my brave, brilliant and rather irrepressible mother. xx