Find My Way for Choir

Next week Emlyn and I are off to Melbourne to run a workshop and choir for this concert - supporting the Australian Cancer Council. Seems like a good concert to bring out Find My Way. I think we will do the verses as solos and then the choir join in where I've written it out for four parts. I shared this song a few posts back - as a solo. The words are inspired by some of my mum's recent reflections on her experiences dealing with breast cancer.

If are in Melbourne and would like to be involved, please book online. And come and introduce yourself won't you?

Then a significant number of choristers from my gorgeous Adelaide choir Voices in the Wilderness are bringing Banchieri's Il Festino to Newport Festival, with medieval instrument accompaniment from Ray Smith and his near missus Kerryn, If you're around Saturday 1st July 2pm, please come!!! At the Newport Substation.

Yesterday I presented a workshop in sightsinging, thanks to the support of the SA Branch of the Australian National Choral Association. I shared some of the work I've done so far for the Kodaly scholarship - composing choral pieces that carefully and sequentially develop sightsinging skills. The folks at this workshop sang the songs gorgeously! And the songs worked - it was exciting indeed. (You can never be totally sure until real singers try it out.) We sang Find My Way, and it made me cry. 


Find My Way

Key: D Major

Time Sig: 4/4

Complexity - Fairly Simple - tune has only d,r,m and s and introduces tika tika (semiquavers to the fancy folks) It's a bit of a pop song - I think it suits piano or guitar accompaniment.