Nativity - part one

the-holy-family-with-saint-francis-jacob-van-oost (1).jpg

Key - C major

Time Sig - 4/4

Parts - SATB and piano

Complexity - medium. Perfectly manageable for a robust community choir.


Maybe you are much more organised than me, and you have all your Christmas music sorted. Well good for you - and if that's the case, this may be something you can consider for 2018!

I wrote this nativity the best part of ten years ago, and put it on with a choir I was directing at the time. I came across it a few weeks ago and thought I'd brush it up to do this year.

It's about 35 pages long, and goes for about 15 minutes. I started working on it last week, hoping I could be clever and release the whole thing yesterday - but I'm learning - these things take time. So I'll brush up a section a week, and you can follow along! Maybe there'll be seven or eight sections - I'll start at the beginning and work forward - and we'll be done by the end of October!

Here are the rehearsal tracks for section one.