Nativity - part two

Key Sig: Starts in D, moves to E

Time Sig: 4/4

Parts: SATB plus piano

Complexity: comfortable medium for community choir 

Now to the next exciting instalment of the nativity. Part two of probably eight. 

You'll find sheet music and rehearsal tracks for part one here.

This is a 15 or so minute work I wrote nearly 10 years ago. I found it recently and am brushing it up a section at a time. If you're an adventurous sort you could follow along, teaching it to your choir one week at a time, as I release the instalents - hoping that the succeeding sections will be good. hahaha.

I have so many recordings to share with you from my recent sacred concert and also from my community choir who have nearly finished recording the entire Il Festino. What I might do is make some separate pages of these on this site. Some of the songs came up so incredibly and  will mean you'll be able to hear real live people singing some of the pdfs I've shared here.