creating a melody using AABA form


I've been  sooking in bed today, feeling a bit poorly, watching project runway on netflix. I have a total lack of interest in fashion, but I've been quite excited by the thoughts and language used in clothing design. There are criteria - clothes need to be authentic and not costumes; clothes need to sit  beautifully on the people wearing them, clothes need to be tailored and crafted and the craftspersonship needs to be excellent,  there needs to be balance, ratio, excitement, simplicity. The worst things the designers can do is make clothes that are overdesigned and gimmicky. Gimmicky clothes are dismissed as "student". Ouch.

It got me thinking about the craft of composing. There IS craft, despite the post modernist legacy we have inherited where it's become awkward to acknowledge this. I started thinking about the simple design issues in composing which led me to jump on the white board and share some design thoughts - using AABA form to start creating a melody.