I am still recovering from the mad push to finish Singing The Dots and am taking a few weeks off writing. So no new arrangement for you!

Instead - a virtual concert!

During the Adelaide Fringe Emlyn and I had a concert and I'm really thrilled that he recorded it - singing some of our favourites together. It was our first full concert since my vocal damage was diagnosed back in 2016 so it felt like a big step and we were both a bit nervous. And I am excited to say we did fine and my voice hung in there really well.

When we sing we try to give over completely to the song. We don't think about anything other than - are we in the song? I think these recordings capture this. Plus *cough* a five star review if you please! That's a pretty nice way to re-enter performing!

Please enjoy. x And let me know if any of these songs tickle your fancy and I'll try to write down what we do, for you.