wine and cheese cantata - so far!

cheese and wine painting.jpg

I really want you to have a chance to listen to the piece so far. The full work will be about 25mins, and this is 15 mins. So two more installments and we'll be there! I just listened to it and really wanted to share.

I'm not trying to change the world with this piece - just write something that will be great fun to sing! But it's turning out to be a little gem. Woohoo.

I've added a few bars of silence in the winepairer's solo, so the poor fellow (and his audience) can catch their breath. This means if you have printed out previous instalments, you may need to find a way to cope as your bar numbers after this insertion will now be out. All part of the joy of being involved in the process!!

Go on. Pour yourself a Merlot and have a listen!!!!