Blessed Are The CheeseMakers - second post

6.  final songs.jpg

As we were drinking wine and eating cheese, one of my dear friends with one of my favourite voices to write for/with asked if I'd write a cheese work. Given my darling husband's brie is ripening in the fridge as we speak, I was inspired to write a brie work. I think we'll call it a Cantata, and expect it to take about 20 minutes. Check out last week's post for the libretto and character list.

Now Bach banged out a cantata a week, in between all the other shit he was writing, so I think it's important to respect the tradition of writing cantatas as quickly as one is able. I didn't write the whole work this week, but I did make a respectable beginning. Here's part one. 

And here's my computer's idea of what it might sound like

And some rehearsal tracks for the keen folks: