Wine And Cheese - the 25 minute mark

wine and cheese painting.jpg

So much for writing a Cantata in a week!! Last night somebody suggested Bach managed his extraordinary schedule because he had 22 children. It's obvious when you think about it eh? I only have 2, and one doesn't even live here any more. How could I possibly expect to write a cantata in a week with such meagre progeny? (Lovely quality but low in numbers.)

It's been five weeks and we're up to 25 minutes. I'm putting the whole thing up from the beginning. You'll notice Champagne's song is composed for someone stratospheric. I have one of those people in my life but they are rare. So down the bottom you can find an alternate version without quite so many ledger lines.

Rehearsal Tracks

For the rehearsal tracks, I've included a general mix, as well as mixes with each of the parts boosted. The general mix may be usefulest for the soloists.

The approximate times on the tracks for the different songs are:
1. Blessed Are The Cheese Makers   0’0
2. Curds In A Mold     1’31
3. The Brie Fanfare    3’07
4. The Cheese Is Complete    3’17
5. The Company Yums In Chorus    4’34
6. The Wine Pairer interrupts Proceedings    5’23
7. The Company Resolutely and Desolately Agrees    7’32
8.  Everyone Seems Much Happier With An Onerous Task    8’44
9. And So To The Judge    10’44
10. The Candidates Are Summoned    12’32
11 Fruity Merlot    13’08
12. The Judge's Premature Ruling    15’20
13. Bright Spark #1 Rejects The Dichotomy    15’41
14 Judge And Company Summon The Second Candidate    16’59
15. The Lovely Chardonnay    17’14
16. Bright Spark #2 Earns Their Name    20’18
17. Judge Is Awake Now, If He Even Was Asleep    21’54
18. Champagne    22’15

Alternate Champagne