Songs From The Shed

loo vyoo.jpg

Well I don't know what sort of fancy shmancy recording studios you record in.  To record the songs for the sightsinging book Singing The Dots, Emlyn and I were joined by Australian Soprano Bethany Hill, and Tenor Hew Wagner, for the most rustic recording session of my life. We ferried to Kangaroo Island off the coast of South Australia for a camping weekend with Beth's boy's fam and friends. During daylight, we recorded in an unpowered tin shed using a single battery powered H2N. To give you an idea of the rusticness of our recording situation, the photo on the left is the view from the outdoor facilities. 


I'll give you a sample here - Break Break Break, a setting of a beautiful poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson.This song  introduces quavers. The main tune is just do, re and mi. All seventeen tracks,  recorded in a weekend, in a shed, and the books with the sheet music and teaching notes are available here.