The Nativity


Last year I dusted off this Christmas work which I'd first written about 10 years ago. I rewrote it in sections, and whisked it off to my choir while the ink was still drying so we could learn the work in time for our Christmas concert. I shared it here,  published as five discreet parts. My lovely choir Voices In The WIlderness sang it at the last concert we did together. In fact it was the last concert I conducted. Funny how things change, after directing happily for hmmm somewhere between fifteen and twenty years, I don't know if conducting is in my future. It's been a gradual shift in my heart. I am still as passionately committed to choirs, and what singing with others means for us as humans, but my sense of where I want to put my energy has slowly changed. 

Anyway, I've spent the last week putting the pieces all together, smoothing out the transitions and tweaking little bits here and there. And here it is. We are staying in an apartment temporarily, where I don't want to make a lot of noise and annoy my neighbours. I also don't have a piano and I tend to write piano accompaniments at the piano, my fingers feel what goes. So I've been playing the air piano to write bits. 

This piece goes for about fifteen minutes. It's middle level complexity. When I first wrote it I was conducting a choir who liked to sing medleys, so it's in that style, with ten small sections. This means if you have multiple ensembles this would be a piece everyone could do together, allowing different groups to take different sections. 

And here's a rinky tinky Sibelius version of what it sounds like.