10 000 Miles On A Fish

i believe in nashville.jpg

We did it! We travelled 10 000 miles on a fish!

And now here we are in Nashville Tennessee.

I found this picture just off 12 Street South. I often see people snapping it. 

I've got two updates for you plus a new song.


Wine And Cheese Cantata

Firstly - before we left , I grabbed some opera buddies, and we had a bash through the Wine And Cheese Cantata. It was a roaring success, and Emlyn's brie was the star of the show. It truely was Gooey Superb!! The cantata worked well, and it was, as I'd hoped, totally singable. After we did it, I did make a few adjustments. The three male characters - the Cheesemaker, the Winepairer and the Judge are all scored for baritones, because, as you know, they tend to be findable. But I thought when we sang through it, having the three voices close in Fach meant the texture of the work wasn't as varied as it could be, and the music didn't help define the characters. I've tried to keep the parts in a baritone range, but I've given the Cheesemaker a more tenorial feel. Similarly I've made the Judge feel bassier. The other changes I made were to smooth a few transitions between sections so directors and singers can be clearer about time signature changes.

Prayer For Sanctuary

Secondly - a few things about this piece have been niggling in the back of my mind for a while. The top and tail really! I have simplified the first verse, pruned it back. I also realised the climactic moment of the piece - the Victory Verse - was only half a bar long. That's out of proportion for a piece that's around seven minutes long. So I worked into and expanded that and feel much happier with the balance of the work now, I think it will be more satisfying for singers and listeners. I've got a recording of the way it was before I made these changes. Hopefully I'll find a way to record the updated version here in Tennessee.

The Parting Glass

This one is a tribute to the darling humans I've left home in Australia. My heart has been reminding me that leaving loved ones is a tough thing to do. Certainly this song helps. You know sometimes I like to get in there and really compose, and sometimes, with a song like this, I just transcribe the simplest version of the harmony. This song is so very simple and its beauty is in that simplicity, I didn't want to do anything other than write out what any good bunch of folk singers would get together and instinctively do. The tenor line divisi comes from having female tenors in the tenor section who didn't like to sing too high. So for my community choir, the female tenors actually sang the second tenor line.  But the first tenor line could be given instead to altos 2s, if you don't want to divide your tenor section. Finishing on chord IV is from The Wailin Jennys and it's a killer eh? Who wants to say goodbye on I? IV means we'll meet again!!