Sacred Songs

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This week a summary of the sacred choral pieces I’ve written. Organised into four categories- Very Simple, Medium, Sophisticated and Christmas. I’ve included recordings where I have them, of various quality and level of rehearsal! If you perform any of my works and record it, I will happily share it here.

Very Simple

These two pieces are from the book Singing The Dots and are designed to be accessible for community choirs.

An Irish Blessing


Psalm 23


Medium Challenge

These are three gospel pieces arranged for acappella choir.

Michael Row
SATB with Soprano Solo


Balm Of Gilead
SSATB with Solo


This Train
SATB with divisi in every part



These two works have divisi in every part.

Prayer For Sanctuary
setting of Psalm 23


setting of the latin Gloria from the Ordinary Mass



Still Still Still
SA - simple setting of An Austrian Carol


Mary Had A Baby
SATB - simple arrangement of a traditional gospel piece


Rolling Downwards
SSA - simple arrangement of a Southern Baptist Carol


A Child Is Born
SATB - Medium - arrangement of a medieval carol


The Nativity
a 15 minute work with ten small sections
Medium -SATB with some divisi and solos and piano accompaniment