Maybe He's Coming Home

I have just submitted the sheet music for Forksaken - using text from psalm 22, to the church where I am in residence. The first half of this psalm is the most stunning poetry of absolute anguish but the second half is a complete contrast - where connection to God is rediscovered and celebrated. The first half was simpler to approach musically, because the emotion of the text such as ‘you have laid me in the dust of death’ belongs with the grief of Good Friday. I didn’t want the second half of this psalm to be inappropriate for the theme of Good Friday and to prematurely express the emotions of Easter Sunday. So I needed resolution and reconnection without too much jubilation. Which came down a sense of plagal rather than perfect movement - so rolling subdominant movement - but also resolving harmonically through neighboring chords by moving down a tone. After we sing this, I’ll share the music and you can hear this for yourself, I don’t think a verbal explanation is terribly satisfying for you! So, in the meantime I took the feel of this and wrote a very simple song - I wanted to keep playing with this feel. So here’s a draft of Maybe He’s Coming Home. I’m now writing this out in the bluegrass vocal style for four parts so hopefully I’ll have an acappella version for you soon.